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How to have More Money Without More Work

“When Trust Really Matters”

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How to have MoreMoney Without More Work

“When Trust Really Matters”


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To have More Money Without More Work®download my free MONEY MASTER, (no details required.)

The only way to change your life, is to take action.

As a money management expert, I know for certain that my
Money Master (MM) will help you, no matter what your income.

The Money Master concept has been proven for many years
so have no doubts you will have more money with MM.

Grab MONEY MASTER right now to transform your life, fast.


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Here’s how the plan works.

The plan is to BUDGET. My Money Master puts you in control the easy way. Don’t rely on other people to manage your money. Team up with MM, sorted!

To help you, grab Money Master that shows How To Have More Money. Simply fill in the blanks, and see instantly how you can have more money.

Honestly, so many of us make the mistake of not budgeting, but once you see its “magic” you’ll wish you had started years ago. STOP BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) and START to BNPN (Buy Now Pay Now) using my budget plan in Money Master.

Hopefully, you “get the drift”, Budget and go BNPN. Let’s reduce the interest on credit cards as they are a “Forever” debt. Pay as much as you can off your cards starting with the highest interest rate cards. Your memory aid is, “It’s not in my interest to pay Interest”. Stop giving money to the banks and keep it for yourself, BNPN.

These are my credentials to manage money.

In 1999, I developed Monty’s Money Management course to help school children which is still in schools today. Testament to its life skills value.
In the same year I was the resident mortgage expert on TV following the release of my book The Mortgage Bible.

I’m the former mortgage compliance chief of the UK mortgage regulator. This isn’t to boast, it’s to illustrate that I’m qualified to show you how to manage and keep your money.
Follow my proven ways and you’ll definitely have more money. No ifs, buts or maybes, just more cash.

Why not share MM with others? Together we can Make A Difference, just share my website with your Contacts to get more people out of poverty. “If you care, share”. Share Icon


Monty Burn
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