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Sir Trevor McDonald called Monty the “Champion of People” when he was the mortgage expert on the Tonight TV show.
Monty was mortgage regulatory compliance chief, is the author of the Mortgage Bible and his Monty’s Money Management course has been on the school curriculum for almost 18 years. His new blog project will open the door to those that need help, information or advice about almost all money matters.
Money is in short supply for a lot of families and Monty is eager to help them with all money matters. To that end he is busy writing three books to help people with different needs. The three books are, More Money Without More Work, Save Thousands On Your Mortgage and The Ultimate Business Model.


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Monty was called the “Champion of People” by Sir Trevor McDonald whilst serving as the resident mortgage expert on prime time television. This endorsement was for his tireless work in helping consumers change their lives.
Monty wrote and developed the education course Monty’s Money Management course which has been on the UK school curriculum for over 17 years, and is also the author of the Mortgage Bible.
Monty was the Chief compliance officer of the UK mortgage regulator and was a journalist on Mortgage Strategy a trade subscription magazine.
He was also senior project manager of Bovis Homes managing construction sites worth over £100, million GBP.






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