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How to Solve Money Problems

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Start a budget plan to begin paying off your debts and STOP paying the minimum amount from credit cards. Pay as much as you can monthly to pay the banks NO INTEREST.

Make over-payments on your mortgage to reduce
the interest you pay to banks and lenders.

Look, if you’re in debt, living in poverty or just want
more money; help is here. As a money management
expert I know for certain I can help you.

Grab my FREE MONEY MASTER now and transform your life.

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Here’s how the plan works..

Credit cards and loans are debts that cripple you, the interest you pay the banks  fund the banks profits. Stop using credit cards and taking out loans and you get to keep that interest. That’s a good reason to start budgeting with Money Master (MM). You’ll have loads more money when you pay NO INTEREST.

Honestly, so many make the mistake of not budgeting but once you see its “magic”  you’ll wish you had started years ago. The thing is, with MM you just fill in the blanks on a single page, sorted. Look, it’s not often you get a life line like MM, so grab it. STOP paying up to 35p in the £ interest to banks.

So hopefully by now you “get the drift”, pay NO INTEREST. Paying the minimum payment each month off your credit card turns your card debt into a “Revolving” debt or a “Forever” debt. Start paying as much as you can off your cards starting with the highest interest rate cards. Your memory aid is, “It’s not in my interest to pay interest”. 🙂

These are my credentials to manage money.

In 1999, I developed Monty’s Money Management course to help school children which is still in schools today. Testament to its life skills value.
In the same year I was the resident mortgage expert on TV following the release of my book The Mortgage Bible.

I’m the former mortgage compliance chief of the UK mortgage regulator. This isn’t to boast, it’s to illustrate that I’m qualified to show you how to manage and keep your money.
Follow my proven ways and you’ll definitely have more money. No ifs, buts or maybes, just more cash.

Why not share MM with others? Together we can Make A Difference, just share my website with your contacts to get more people out of poverty. Share Icon

No-one should have to rely on handouts to feed their children, despite these tough times. Let’s work together to put an end to poverty here in the UK.

A footballer has proved the Government can’t even feed our children for goodness sake. So whilst food banks are providing a great service with the help of Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, Morrisions etc. the needy require “our” help, NOW!

There’s no time like the present to get involved, simply share my MM with your Contacts, that’s all that’s needed to help others. So Let’s Get Started, grab your FREE copy of Money Master and let the learning begin. Everyone is capable, some just need a little help from us. We mustn’t let them down!

Monty Burn
Money Management Expert