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How to Solve Money Problems

“When Money and Trust are a Must”

How to Solve Money Problems


Okay, many of us know that review sites have some disingenuous reviews. The thing is it’s most review sites, so who do you trust? Well one way is to get reviews from reliable sources, like the BBC, Financial Times, The Guardian, etc.

For example, Sir Trevor McDonald called Monty a “Champion Of the People”, on prime time TV. (See the short video clip below). You can rely on this type of testimony as it’s from a trusted source.

Another example, the Financial Adviser said, “Mr Burn may one day be remembered as a hero”. Most people trust and respect the Financial Adviser so again it’s from a totally reliable source.

The Money Management course Monty wrote and developed is still on the UK school curriculum after 18 years. That is both a compliment and a review that his money expertise is still influencing young people today.

The Treasury invited Monty to Westminster to discuss changes in the mortgage industry. It came as quite a surprise to Monty when The Treasury actually made a lot of the changes he suggested. HM Treasury is regarded as a trusted source, and they did send him a letter of thanks for his contribution to the UK mortgage industry

The moral of the stories, “You can’t buy trust and respect you have to earn them.” We’ll show followers ways to have “More Money Without More Work” and how to stay debt free. Naturally, we can only show, not enforce so it’s up to you to take action.

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A Champion
– Sir Trevor McDonald calls Monty a, “Champion of the people.”

The Mirror’s watchdog – The Daily Mirror refers to Monty as their mortgage watchdog.

A hero – “Mr Burn may one day be remembered as a hero who shone the bright light of integrity onto an industry which still needs to put its house in order” – Financial Adviser (Financial Times sister paper)

Political decisions – “I can assure you that your comments on mortgages will be taken into account when ministers come to take decisions” – HM Treasury

Insurance Times – Refers to Monty as a consumer champion.

Thank you so much Monty for getting my £10,000 back from the company that cheated me. Me and my family would be in the poor house now if it wasn’t for you. I would trust you with my life as you saved mine. God bless you as you answered the prayers of me and my family.
Mr. T – Belfast

“We write to thank you most sincerely for your help and advice with our remortgage problem. Having discussed the matter with you, we felt so much more confident. Once again, please accept our sincere thanks and gratitude for all your help and guidance”
Mr & Mrs Jones, Staffs.

“I contacted Monty when I needed help with a mortgage matter. Monty solved the problem and my wife and I will always be eternally grateful for the kind; professional way Monty treated us. In conclusion we were very lucky to have someone on our side that is so passionate about exposing those who exploit the vulnerable.

Any one who finds them selves in a similar predicament should not hesitate to contact Monty Burn. We can only say thanks again Monty you are one of a kind”
Mr Jones, Mid Glamorgan, South Wales.

Done us a service…. “Mr Burn has done us a service in drawing mortgage mis-selling to people’s attention” Nigel Beard – Labour MP

Sincere thanks – “I am writing to express our sincere thanks, your help has been very much appreciated as well as your efficiency”
Mrs Gould, Lancs.

“May I take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance in this matter without which I am sure that a satisfactory conclusion would not have been reached”
Mr Gopsil Tyne & Wear

“Thank you for your help and advice we are very grateful”
Mrs Tanner, Liverpool