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How to have More Money Without More Work

“When Trust Really Matters”

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How to have MoreMoney Without More Work

“When Trust Really Matters”

About Me

Monty Burn 

Here’s my biopic. I’m one of nine kids brought up on a council estate. Yes, we were poor and I was a street kid but I was happy with my friends.

I know what a UB40 is, had one, been on the dole, so been there done that and have the T-shirt. Life has been tough at times but so what, most of us have had it tough, that’s life.

Sure I’ve learnt the hard way, being ripped off by scammers, banks, a charity and people I thought I could trust. But hey, sometimes it’s the only way to learn. 

One thing I have learnt along the way is the K.I.S.S. concept, Keep It Simple Stupid. Keep life simple, don’t complicate things, have fun and you’re more likely to achieve your goals. BTW, my Money Master is simple and fun plus it’s FREE.

I learnt the hard way wasting money on “rubbish” with credit cards, handing over hard earned money to banks by way of Interest. Don’t fall into the debt trap.

My ethos is, “I share because I care”. I care passionately about helping those with all types of money problems, including businesses and those with mortgage problems.

My mission is to Stop Hunger And Reduce Poverty (S.H.A.R.P.) but I need your help by sharing my site with all your Contacts. People need help, so please help them, share this link. If you care, just share. Share Icon