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Monty Burn 

Hello, and thanks for joining me. You know, it doesn’t  matter who you talk to they are either struggling to live a modest lifestyle or struggling to pay the bills. I get that, but don’t accept that’s how it should be. So what can we do about it as a society?
The answer lies in “Education, Education, Education”.        Naturally, I realise that for many, “Education” can be a swear word. So, it’s time to introduce fun into education. 

We all know, you can’t get far without an education but you can still learn life’s skills. 20 years ago I developed Monty’s Money Management course for those at school, now it’s Money Master for all ages. Sometimes, you have to learn the hard way and I learnt how hard money issues can be from personal experience.

Money Master is a simple worksheet that could change the way we all manage our money. There’s no learning, you input your own “numbers” into an itemised list. The calculations are coded to produce startling revelations about your spending habits.

Money Master is so easy to use that I hope to gift millions of copies to people around the world as part of my drive to reduce poverty. We British are renowned for our love of freebies and Money Master is not only FREE but it’s a life changer.

One objective of this site is to “Share knowledge” as my ethos is, “I share because I care”. I care passionately about helping those with all types of money problems, including businesses and those with mortgage problems.

It would be great to pool resources from around the world, I am UK based and would like “our” knowledge to reach far and wide. To help others we need your help by sharing our blog with all your Contacts. If you care, just share. Share Icon