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How to Solve Money Problems

“When Money and Trust are a Must”

How to Solve Money Problems

I want to help you with your money problems or aspirations you might have for your family. If you are serious about turning your money problems around stick with me as I am about to transform the lives of you and your family, fast.
You’ll learn from a seasoned money expert, “How to live on less money”, “How to budget properly”, “The best way to pay off your debts”, “Repair your credit”, “Start a savings plan”, “How to purchase a house”.
If you need help with something really important to you it’s best not to ask friends or family. The reasons are many but the main one being they may not have the expertise you need.
Another reason is the help you need may be personal and you don’t want every man and his dog to know what’s going on in your life. So, you would seek the help of an expert, ideally one with a proven track record.
Now, I have no intention of telling you I’m the greatest thing since slice bread or asking you to trust me. Here on my website there are reputable people to vouch for my character and knowledge of money.
On ITV prime time tv I was known as the resident mortgage expert following the release of my book The Mortgage Bible back in 1999. Money expertise is my game as my world revolves around numbers. I stack numbers.
The time is right for me to share my knowledge of money with a broader audience. In 2000 I wrote and developed Monty’s Money Management course which is still available on the school curriculum here in the UK.
This content is written for anyone with a grasp of English to learn about the very basics of money management. I promise that if you learn from my vast experience you will never have to struggle with money again.
This is directed at school children, businesses, and those of you that manage the purse strings. To make matters really easy and fun for some, I have developed Money Master, a tool that does all the work for you.
Money Master is the cornerstone of my teachings as it makes it so easy to make your money go further than you could imagine. On opening Money Master you will see instantly that you will at last be in total control of your money.
Money Master is only a part of what you will learn as I will prove that you can live on less money than you do now. If you don’t already budget I will show you the easiest and best way to budget, which is a major factor in money management.
There will be no room for doubt as what you need do to have more money as I will spell it out for you in specific terms. What you need is a SBS, Step By Step way of doing things. In other words, one step at a time.
Nobody in their right mind would take off on a long journey to arrive at your destination without a map or sat nav. Yet millions of people fail to reach their destination in life due to either inadequate or no planning.
It’s time toring the changes as the way most people handle money is all wrong. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made many terrible mistakes, but you learn far more from mistakes than your triumphs. I’ll show you how to make better decisions.
Decision making can of course have a huge impact on your life as far as money is concerned, as now you’ve got it then it’s gone. It’s a fantastic feeling learning where your money was spent, then knowing you could have spent it better.
You could say it’s just one of life’s learning curves but you’ll be full of confidence on the way to manage money once you get Money Master. You’ll probably kick yourself for not doing what is contained in Money Master.
Being positive, you’re being handed a solution to your money problems on a plate FREE of charge. The Money Master concept has been around for ever so there’s no risk.Your children can only benefit from your new found knowledge.
Once we get you managing your money in the right way we can turn to any debts you may have to pay off. Naturally a budget is number one priority, then as obvious as it may be, start paying off the most expensive debt first.
Then you must break the habit of paying the minimum allowed as we call that type of debt a revolving debt as you’ll pay it for life. Think of it this way, if your interest rate is 25%, you’re paying the bank 25p in the £ for your loan amount.
Put another way, if your boss said he was cutting part of your pay by 25% you’d be angry, very angry. It’s almost the same thing but people don’t see it. My aim is for you not paying 1p interest ever. (Except on your mortgage).
Bank transfers have been vogue for some time and with good reason. If you’re paying 25% interest and you can transfer to a bank offering 20% or lower of course. Take it, snatch their hand off but get off the debt merry-go-round.
Any credit or store cards without debt attached, bin them. You read that right, bin them as they act as a temptation that the banks love. Of course it’s difficult but I’ve got to get your mind set to only but it when you have the cash.
Any “savings” I shave off your monthly outgoings need to go on paying off your debts, not to spend recklessly. Thing is, once you get into the habit you will absolutely love. You see good habits can be as “addictive” as bad habits.
There are no boundaries, rich or poor the same basic concept still applies, spend less then you earn.Accountants use the same concept the world over to make companies’ profits. Balance the books, Money Master makes it so easy.
The difference is some accountants rely on fancy software to balance the books, all you have to do is insert your own numbers from bank statements or receipts and the simplest of spreadsheets shows you where to cut back on spending.